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Hand baggage

Hand baggage

Hand baggage is the type of baggage that you take into the cabin on your own responsibility.

Depending on whether you are traveling on business or economy class fares, you may carry in passenger cabin the following baggage free of charge:

Free Hand Baggage Allowance

Your Free Hand Baggage Allowance in Economy Class
Passenger 1 bag of maximum 8 kg weight 1 bag with laptop OR ladies handbag OR briefcase
Adults (12+) Yes Yes
Children (2-11) Yes Yes
Babies and infants (0-2) No No
Size limits
Maximum dimensions of each bag
(including handles, pockets and wheels)
55 x 40 x 20 cm
It must fit in the baggage frames located throughout the check-in area at the airport It must fit under the standard economy-class seat
Your Free Hand Baggage Allowance in Business Class
Passenger 2 bags of maximum 12 kg weight 1 bag with laptop OR ladies handbag OR briefcase
Adults (12+) Yes Yes
Children (2-11) Yes Yes
Babies and infants (0-2) No No
Size limits
Maximum dimensions of each bag
(including handles, pockets and wheels)
55 x 40 x 20 cm
It must fit in the baggage frames located throughout the check-in area at the airport It must fit under the standard economy-class seat

In addition to free baggage allowance, you can carry on board the following personal items free of charge:

  • An overcoat, scarf;
  • A walking stick;
  • Reasonable (small) quantity of duty free goods;
  • If you are traveling with baby, you are allowed to carry baby food necessary during the summer seasons, folding baby stroller or baby basket;
  • A fully folding wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches and /or other prosthetic devices for your personal use, if necessary.

We draw your attention that on flights with ATR-72 aircraft, due to the passenger cabin limited space, your cabin baggage may be taken from you at the aircraft entrance door and stored in the hold. After landing, your baggage will be available on baggage carts, next to the aircraft boarding stairs.

It is your responsibility to remover from your baggage that must be placed in the hold all dangerous goods (if any) which are permitted only in carry-on baggage or on one’s person, such as:

  • spare lithium metal or lithium ion batteries,
  • safety matches and lighters,
  • mercury barometer or thermometer,
  • heat producing articles i.e. battery-powered equipment, etc.

We recommend you to remove from the above stated baggage all valuables, electronic equipment, important documents and medicines.

Hand baggage item restrictions:

  • Air Serbia allows passengers to carry on board liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols only in containers of 100 ml.
  • Containers over 100 ml are not permitted, even if a container is partially filled.
  • Your containers must be carried in a transparent re-sealable or zipper plastic bag.
  • All liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols must be carried packed in a bag of up to 20cm x 20cm with a total capacity of up to a litre.
  • You must be able to completely close the bag and be able to fit it in your hand luggage.
  • Plastic bags used for packing containers with liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols must be sealed and presented separately of all the other baggage at the security screening checkpoint.
  • One passenger may take on board only one plastic bag of proper dimensions containing liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols.

There are not restrictions for:

  • Baby food and milk in appropriate quantities necessary during the summer seasons.
  • Transportation of medicines, in the liquid, gel or aerosol form, is allowed for passengers who use such medicines only with doctor’s note issued by competent medical institution or authorized doctor’s offices.
  • Transportation of medical preparations such as insulin, blood plasma etc. is permitted only to the passengers holding medical certificate obtained from a competent medical institution or authorized doctor’s office.
  • It is allowed to transport liquids, gels and aerosols bought in duty free shops in the airport security restricted area, packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag which shall not be opened until reaching final destination. The plastic bags sealed in duty free shops must have a fiscal receipt for the purchased product, exclusively with the date of the travel.

Prohibited Hand Baggage Items

For items which are prohibited in hand baggage, please check “Dangerous goods” and the “List of prohibited items in hand baggage“.

In case of any uncertainty regarding the above stated items, please contact us before you book your flight.

Air Serbia introduces its very own theme song – “The Wings of Europe”

Air Serbia introduces its very own theme song – “The Wings of Europe”

Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, recently launched its theme song, titled “The Wings of Europe”, especially dedicated to the carrier and its guests. The theme melody, composed exclusively for Air Serbia by renowned musician, Sanja Ilić, and performed by his band, the famous ethno group Balkanika, was first heard onboard Air Serbia’s aircraft and has already attracted the attention of its guests, witnessing positive reactions. Air Serbia will soon roll out its new theme on all its occasions and activities, to become an integral part of the airline’s everyday life and to reflect its origins and values. Air Serbia’s new music theme debuted in its purest form, with an instrumental version in several durations, marking the beginning of a long-term process and an unprecedented, highly innovative approach to incorporate themed music. In the years to come, the fundamental melodies will be periodically altered to include diverse sounds, voices and forms, to grow and evolve, revealing the forward-thinking spirit and aspirations of the national carrier and its nation, while remaining true to its essence. Finding inspiration in Serbian tradition and combining elements of popular, modern and electronic sounds, the new musical theme creates a unique melody line that exemplifies the airline and introduces its guests to the specific atmospheres, colours and moods of Serbia. It evokes images of a land between the east and the west, steeped in a long and rich history, and boasting a vibrant, upbeat and contemporary lifestyle – the many layers of the country and its flag carrier. The music theme was named “The Wings of Europe”, in line with the tagline of Air Serbia’s recently launched brand campaign, symbolizing the airline’s growth and expansion in Europe. Dane Kondić, Chief Executive Officer of Air Serbia, said: “Sanja Ilić & Balkanika are no strangers to Air Serbia, as their music has already become a part of the overall guest experience onboard our aircraft. Their music has been with us since the launch of our airline. We are grateful that, for the first time in the airline’s history, we now have music composed specifically for us, with our origin and values in mind that will serve as a form of expression of the soul of our flag carrier wherever we go. Sanja Ilić & Balkanika have gone a step further and employed their talent and sensibility to develop a sound that will be specific to Air Serbia and, at the same time, will embody its country and its people.” Ilić added: “This is a project very close to our hearts and, therefore, of great responsibility. It certainly is special when an artist gets the chance to express a nation and its various facets, and a company which represents this through music. Our land offers an abundance of inspiration. It is easy to be submerged in its many wonders and difficult to encompass all and, thus, reflect its change. This is why we intend to expand on the basic theme and develop the music over a long period of time, incorporating diverse inspirations and ideas, growing it and evolving. We hope that Air Serbia’s guests and partners, particularly those for whom this is the first contact with our country, will identify with this music and enjoy it thoroughly.” Ilić is one of the most prominent composers of pop and rock music in the region. He has composed numerous songs for the majority of most prominent performers, and has received many awards, earning recognition at music festivals throughout the country as well as abroad. He also writes theatre, film and television scores, as well as some of the region’s most popular instrumental music. Sanja Ilić & Balkanika play traditional music from the Balkans combined with modern elements. Their opus combines old music tunes from the region with splendid musicians playing traditional instruments, performing music which conjures the atmosphere of the Balkans in a new attire for the new millennium. For a sample of Air Serbia’s new music theme “The Wings of Europe”, please follow this link:


Air Serbia announces special promotional fares to new codeshare destinations Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka

Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, has launched a special promotional campaign offering its guests attractive fares for early bookings from Belgrade to celebrate its new codeshare destinations in Asia and Australia. All guests that plan their travel ahead of time, will be able to benefit from this special promotion and travel to Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Sri Lanka. The attractive fares will be available for a period of 10 days and valid for return flights in Economy class between Belgrade and the following distant destinations on Air Serbia’s extended codeshare network: Colombo, Sri Lanka starting from 523 EUR, Melbourne, Australia starting from 1131 EUR, Sydney, Australia starting from 1131 EUR, Seoul, South Korea starting from 594 EUR, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam starting from 690 EUR, Changi, Singapore starting from 783 EUR. These promotional fares are available for purchase from 18 March to 28 March 2015 and valid for travel from 1 October to 31 December 2015.


Air Serbia reservations platform is linked to a GDS TRAVELSKY

It is our pleasure to inform you that from 20 March 2015, Air Serbia reservations platform is linked to a Global Distribution System TRAVELSKY (1E). This means that travel agents using the TRAVELSKY platform will now be able to see and sell our flights and this linkage will hopefully expand our distribution opportunities significantly. TRAVELSKY is the dominant and leading provider of information technology and commercial service in the People’s Republic of China. TRAVELSKY customers include 30 domestic airlines, nearly 200 regional and overseas airlines, 147 domestic airports and 7000 ticket agents. Note that Air Serbia already has GDS linkage with Amadeus (1A), Sabre (1S), Galileo (1G), Worldspan (1P), Apollo (1V), and Abacus (1B). And with this linkage to TRAVELSKY we can say that Air SERBIA is now connected to all market leaders of great significance in the world.


Veljko Ristić and Oliver Krdžić being promoted to the new positions 

Through fully embracing our corporate values – Be accountable, Be Committed, Embrace Change, Deliver Service Excellence and Have integrity in everything you do – two of our colleagues have been acknowledged for their results and recently promoted to the new positions. Veljko Ristić, who has worked on the position of Manager eCommerce has been promoted to the position of Head of Direct Sales. On the top of eCommerce which he covered so far, he will assume responsibility for Contact Center and Retail Shops in Serbia. Veljko has a track record of designing, developing and successful implementation of improvements of our web site and booking engine and we can look back to the very dynamic growth of on-line sales. He also supported the cross-departmental projects. He is keen and ready to take the next step. Oliver Krdžić, previously holding the position of the Supervisor of the flagship retail shop in Bulevar, has been promoted to the position of Team Leader of all retail shops in Serbia. On his previous position, Oliver has improved service level of the retail shop and thus has shown his readiness for the next step. We congratulate to Veljko and Oliver for their results and wish them all the success on their new positions.





Open skies is a model of success, says Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer

Open Skies has been “a model of success, generating enormous benefits for travellers and for airlines in the US, the UAE and around the world,” said James Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, speaking today at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s 14th Annual Aviation Summit in Washington, DC. In his first public comments since three US airlines launched a campaign against Etihad Airways and other Gulf carriers, Mr Hogan called for reasoned debate based upon facts.  He also warned against action which would restrict competitive choice for millions of US and international air travellers in markets which the US airlines have chosen not to serve. Mr Hogan’s speech laid out the key facts behind Etihad Airways’ growth and its competitive strategy. “As one of the newest national airlines anywhere in the world, we’ve had to create everything from scratch: every bit of product, every bit of our operations, every bit of our infrastructure,” he said. “Etihad is a David, a David who’s been facing Goliaths since 2003, when we started.  In virtually every market we’ve entered, we’ve had to face existing competitors, with established businesses, established infrastructure, established sales and marketing, established brands, and established customer bases. In many cases, those established airlines were gifted amazing infrastructure – airports, terminals, slots, landing rights – over decades. To take them on, we’ve had to work harder and we’ve had to work smarter.  That’s called competition. We’ve been helped by our geographic position.  The Gulf is at the centre of today’s trade and travel routes.  Today’s aircraft technology and the changing patterns of world trade mean we are positioned strongly for many new and emerging markets. We’ve been helped by our blank sheet of paper – no legacy systems, no legacy aircraft, no legacy mindsets. And we’ve been pushed hard by the vision and ambition of our shareholder to create a globally competitive airline.” Mr Hogan said the ‘secret’ behind Etihad Airways’ rapid growth was nothing more than incredible customer service, delivered on modern new aircraft, with world-leading product, at competitive prices, on routes people want to fly. He also said that Etihad Airways had been more transparent about its business than other airlines. “Etihad Airways has had a greater focus on reaching and delivering sustainable profitability – we believe – than any other national airline in history,” he said.  “We set a timetable to break even within a decade and we beat that target.  We’ve delivered a net profit in each of the last three years. I say ‘we believe’ because it is surprisingly hard to find financial information about the first one or two decades of national airlines around the world.  We get criticized regularly for our so-called lack of transparency but we see few national airlines that were as open in their first stages of development, as we are being in ours.” As a national airline owned by its government, said Mr Hogan, Etihad Airways is no different than scores of airlines around the world.  The airline has always made clear it has received equity investment and shareholder loans, which have been supplemented by US$ 10.5 billion in loans from international financial institutions. “Our shareholder believes in our business plan.  They have increased their commitment as we have developed – they have invested in our success. They’ve seen the success we are delivering, both as a business in our own right and as a catalyst for other business, trade and tourism, in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We are now not just an airline but a successful aviation group, incorporating handling, maintenance and distribution capabilities. Our shareholder, like any rational shareholder in the world, has made that commitment to us because it expects a return, and as it sees greater success from our business, it sees the opportunity for even greater returns in the future. The key word is return.” Mr Hogan continued by outlining the economic contribution that Etihad Airways delivers to the United States, directly through its daily flights between Abu Dhabi and six US destinations, which the airline serves exclusively, and also through its extensive supply chain partners throughout the country. We regard ourselves as a friend of the United States,” he said.  “Certainly, the bonds between the UAE and the USA are incredibly strong, and we believe Etihad Airways has always reflected that in our business operations. We are major customers of Boeing, of GE, of Sabre, and of many other American businesses.  We work with strategic American partners – for example, with Atlas, on developing and improving global cargo operations. We work with US financial institutions, with US tourist boards, with US airports.  Our commitment to the US economy supports more than 200,000 jobs.” He used the example of the airline’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight into the United States, which started on Sunday from Abu Dhabi to Washington DC. The aircraft is the second of 71 Dreamliners on order from Boeing, part of total orders of almost 120 aircraft worth more than US$ 36 billion with the American manufacturer. In addition, he said, Etihad Airways delivered 180,000 travellers onto the networks of US airlines in 2014, and 50,000 in the first two months of 2015. Mr Hogan finished his speech by saying Open Skies is about customer choice. “This is ultimately all about consumer choice. Customers choose to fly Etihad Airways because we offer a great product, with outstanding service, on the routes they want to fly, at prices that are competitive within those markets. They choose us against many different competitors, depending upon which market we are in.  But quite honestly, it is very rare that US carriers offer those alternatives.  No US carrier flies into Abu Dhabi.  There are very few US carriers operating to where we do in the Indian sub-continent, in south-east Asia, or in the wider Middle East. We make no apologies for offering new competitive choice for air travellers.  We hope to continue to do so around the world.”

Hollywood glamour for Etihad Airways’ new global brand campaign

Etihad Airways launched its new global brand campaign with the worldwide premiere of a new television commercial (TVC) in Abu Dhabi, attended by Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, representatives of the global media and hundreds of specially invited guests. Nicole Kidman is both star and narrator of the captivating feature, which will be shown on global TV stations and social media in both 60 and 30 second formats, with still versions of the campaign appearing in print, digital and on outdoor channels. The TVC was shot onboard Etihad Airways’ new flagship Airbus A380 and in locations around the world, including various landmarks in Abu Dhabi. The TVC also features a digitally created scene of Kidman in the interior of the soon to be opened Louvre Abu Dhabi, celebrated architect Jean Nouvel’s futuristic and awe-inspiring showcase of modern architecture, influenced by the light and geometric patterns of the Emirate. The Foster & Partners Vieux Port Pavilion in Marseilles was chosen to reflect the airline’s focus on design, while the Villa Méditerranée, also in Marseilles, a centre of culture and promotion of international dialogue and friendship, symbolises Etihad Airways’ role as a global ambassador. The 17th century baroque hall of the historic Strahov Library in Prague represents knowledge, learning, and the desire to innovate and lead.

Etihad Airways and Universal Pictures unveil newly-decaled Fast & Furious plane

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, and Universal Pictures today unveiled the luxury Fast & Furious 777 airliner at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Actor/producer Vin Diesel was on hand as Etihad Airways Flight 171 arrived from Abu Dhabi to kick off the global junket and world premiere of Furious 7.  The film arrives in theaters on April 3. Representing a welcome first for the franchise, the Fast & Furious 777 will fly the direct route between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles, which Etihad Airways opened in June 2014.  The airline is also sponsor of the Furious 7 world premiere, which takes place in Los Angeles on April 1. As the United Arab Emirates offered an opportunity to inject striking elements and locales into the series’ mythology, Abu Dhabi became a key location for the Furious 7 production.  Over the course of two weeks in April 2014, the team lensed in areas outside Abu Dhabi in the Liwa Desert, as well as in the city center at such locations as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace hotel, the Yas Marina F1 race circuit and the Etihad Towers.  Considering Abu Dhabi’s striking skyline—one accentuated with stunning architectural achievements—aerial shots of the skyscrapers were mandatory.

Air Serbia shton frekuencat në 29 Mars 2015

Njoftim nga Sarako Travel!

Kemi kënaqësinë t`ju njoftojmë se duke filluar nga data 29 Mars 2015, kompania Air Serbia do të shtojë frekuencat e fluturimeve nga 3 herë në javë që janë aktualiaht, në 7 herë në javë.

Fluturimet do të operohen me avion të tipit Airbus a319 (3 herë në javë) dhe të tipit ATR (4 herë në javë). Të gjitha ndryshimet janë të paraqitura në sistemet e rezervimt.

Me shtimin e frekuencave të fluturimeve, do të shtohen edhe destinacionet që do të arrihen me Air Serbia si në vajtje ashtu dhe në kthim.

Gjithashtu në bashkëpunim me partnerin tonë strategjik Etihad (EY) me Air Serbia udhëtohet në të gjithë botën (rreth 116 destinacione).